GOLD Rate in Pakistan Today (پاکستان میں آج سونے کا ریٹ)

1 Tola Gold Rate
1 tola gold rate on June 22, 2024:
Rs. 242,000
10 Gram Gold Rate
10 gram gold rate on June 22, 2024:
Rs. 207,480
1 Gram Gold Rate
1 gram gold rate on June 22, 2024:
Rs. 20,748

GOLD Rates in Pakistan Today in Different Weightage & Karat

Gold Rate
24 Karat
22 Karat
21 Karat
18 Karat
12 Karat
Gold per Tola
Rs. 242,000
Rs. 222,640
Rs. 212,960
Rs. 181,500
Rs. 121,000
Gold per 10 Gram
Rs. 207,480
Rs. 190,882
Rs. 182,582
Rs. 155,610
Rs. 103,740
Gold per Gram
Rs. 20,748
Rs. 19,088
Rs. 18,258
Rs. 15,561
Rs. 10,374

Welcome to our website, your reliable source for accurate and up-to-date gold rates in Pakistan. Stay informed about the latest prices (aaj ka sone ka rate) in major cities including Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta. We provide daily gold rates, ensuring you have timely information to make well-informed decisions. We provide real-time gold prices for different weight units such as ounce, tola, and grams. Our platform offers historical gold rates data and charts to help you analyze market trends and predict future prices.

Gold (sona) holds immense cultural significance in our region and is widely used in jewelry, especially during wedding seasons. If you are planning to invest in gold, stay updated with the latest gold prices in Pakistan based on different purities ranging from 12 to 24 karats. Gold rates can vary due to factors like demand, interest rates, taxes, and other market conditions.

Today GOLD Price in Pakistan (Major Cities)

Top City
24 Karat
22 Karat
21 Karat
18 Karat
12 Karat
Gold Rate in Karachi
Rs. 242,100
Rs. 222,732
Rs. 213,048
Rs. 181,575
Rs. 121,050
Gold Rate in Lahore
Rs. 242,150
Rs. 222,778
Rs. 213,092
Rs. 181,613
Rs. 121,075
Gold Rate in Islamabad
Rs. 242,200
Rs. 222,824
Rs. 213,136
Rs. 181,650
Rs. 121,100
Gold Rate in Quetta
Rs. 242,300
Rs. 222,916
Rs. 213,224
Rs. 181,725
Rs. 121,150
Gold Rate in Peshawar
Rs. 242,250
Rs. 222,870
Rs. 213,180
Rs. 181,688
Rs. 121,125

GOLD Price in Pakistan (Historical Data)

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