Frequently Asked Questions

How many grams are in one Tola?

Tola is a South Asian unit of mass which includes 10 grams to 11.7 grams.

How many carats are in a Tola?

Tola is a measurement unit used in Pakistan. It includes 56.842 carats or 58 carats.

What is 1 Ratti?

Ratti is an ancient Indian unit of measurement. It’s based on the nominal weight of a Gunja seed, whose standard weight is 0.1215 grams. Indian and Pakistani jewelers use Ratti.

What is masha in gold?

Masha is an old Indian unit of measurement. It is standardized as 0.972 grams. Masha is still used for measuring gems and jewelry.

How do I calculate my gold price?

You can follow this rule to determine the gold price:
(Cost of gold per gram) X (Weight in grams) + Goods & Services Tax + making cost = Final cost of the gold.

How jewelers calculate gold price in Pakistan?

Pakistani jewelers use this formula for calculating the gold rate:
The final cost of the gold = (Weight in grams) X (Cost of gold) + GST on (Making cost + cost of gold) + cost to make the gold.
The cost of making gold jewelry varies from 6% to 14% of the total cost.

Who decides the gold rate in Pakistan?

APSGJA (All Sindh Saraf Jewellers Association) determines the gold rates in the market regularly. This association notifies the gold rate after observing the global market rates. Other factors include demand and supply in the local market and the PKR-$ exchange rate.

How much gold does Pakistan own?

As per the official data of Pakistan Gold Reserves in 2023, Pakistan owns a total of 64.65 tonnes of gold.

Where is the most gold in Pakistan?

Pakistan is proud to boast two prominent gold mines situated in the Chaghai district in the Balochistan province. Reko Diq is among the biggest undeveloped gold-copper reserves in the globe. This deposit is reported to include 992-1,276 tonnes of pure gold.

How much gold is reserved in Pakistan?

As per the 2023 data given out by Trading Economics, Pakistan averaged 64.83 tonnes of gold from the 2000-2023 period. The gold reserves reached the biggest high in the 4th quarter of 2007.

Is gold import allowed in Pakistan?

The State Bank has allowed the general import of gold into Pakistan from any other foreign country in accompanied baggage as long as the current import policy is followed.

How much gold is duty-free in Pakistan?

As per the State Bank Pakistan Notification No.FE.3/85-SB, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners can take out gems and all jewelry worth the value of $10,000 as long as they’ve been bought against encashment of international exchange accompanied by them from any other country.

Can we carry gold from Dubai to Pakistan?

Yes, travelers can carry gold from UAE to Pakistan as long as they declare it at the customs of their disembarkation port to gain the proof in an official document. Moreover, they have to declare at Pakistani customs after arriving with the purpose of accompanying gold and evidence of the source.

How much gold is allowed from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan?

Jewelry and cash value should be at most SR 60,000 per person. In case a person is carrying more cash or gold than this limit, they will have to declare it.